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The artwork in this WEBSITE is the property of REBA ROSE CREATIONS and protected by copyright law. You MAY NOT reproduce/alter/redistribute it as a digital item (such as a file or in a digital collage, etc.). DO NOT use to create your own digital designs. DO NOT RESELL DIGITALLY OR IN PRINT. You MAY NOT SHARE these files with anyone else, in digital or print form. This includes not printing the digitals to swap or share with someone else who has not likewise purchased this digital item. You may NOT split the price and share with someone else, etc. ONE purchase, ONE user. You MAY NOT re-sell these images as-is or as your own work either in print or digital form. You MAY print & use these items in your own unique tangible journal/scrapbook/craft project, etc., to sell. You MAY NOT simply print them out, assemble and re-sell them either on their own, as small craft items such as stickers, stamps, cards, etc. or as part of a “kit” or in any way that competes with this shop. My items are meant for you to use in your own unique printed and assembled craft project. You MAY NOT use in print-on-demand (POD) or for sublimation-type items such as t-shirts, mugs, etc. PLEASE CONTACT ME TO BUY COMMERCIAL LICENSE FOR THESE ITEMS. My items must be incorporated into your own unique, assembled printed project and significantly altered (such as by adding other printed items, lace, decorations, etc.) DO NOT just print, assemble & sell. DO NOT just alter slightly and sell. You must make it unique. Violations could result in legal action. Please contact us if you have questions about these terms. Thank you. © Copyright – REBA ROSE CREATION

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